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Ballsbridge university is a quality educational institution incorporated under the statutary rules and orders 65 of 1996 in the common wealth of dominica . The university provide quality curriculum in management and management related studies . The university is approved by the government of dominica to award degrees and non degree program in different fields . The university provide professional qualifications for Managers and Executives and curriculum and training to get their work done excellently . Ballsbridge university is in compliance with ISO9001:2008 for quality manament in education and certified and monitored by the board of quality standards .Courses Curriculum is approved and accredited by the board of quality standards .
Education,health sciences,law,engineering,business management, economic and social sciences,arts and literature
Education, sciences de la sante, droit, sciences de l'ingenieur, gestion, economie, sciences sociales, arts et litterature.

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Ballsbridge University is chartered and recognized by the Government of Commonwealth of Dominica. BU is legitimate and self regulating awarding Body with accreditation framework duly chartered and legally empowered to function under the statutory laws of commonwealth of Dominica with Reg. No. 16184 and a Certificate of Good Standing as per the COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA LAWS. BU is certified to ISO 9001:2008 and the quality manual is regularly audited by BQS.
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