Ballsbridge University ( International Campus )

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Available Courses

  • Graduate Diploma in corporate governance
  • Graduate Diploma in marketing
  • Diploma in management
  • Research doctor of business administration DBA is a professional doctorate degree equivalent to a PH.D . The DBA is 240 credits and the duration is a three years programme .
  • Masters in strategic management is a one year masters program . The course is mainly for CEO ,chief Executive and other senior managers .
  • The MBA course offered in ballsbridge university is a quality masters program with a minimum 180 credits .It is a one year programme and form the eligibility for the professional qualification and disignation fellowship of MBA .

Course categories

Ballsbridge university is a quality educational institution incorporated under the statutary rules and orders 65 of 1996 in the common wealth of dominica . The university provide quality curriculum in management and management related studies . The university is approved by the government of dominica to award degrees and non degree program in different fields . The university provide professional qualifications for Managers and Executives and curriculum and training to get their work done excellently . Ballsbridge university is in compliance with ISO9001:2008 for quality manament in education and certified and monitored by the board of quality standards .Courses Curriculum is approved and accredited by the board of quality standards .
Ballsbridge Business School
Board of Quality Standards
Board of Governors
International Quality Institute for Higher Education
Institute of Chartered Professionals

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